Abel Rivera and Gustave Guajardo

2022-05-13 05:30:02
Since participating in a bareback spit roasting session, word has gotten around that Gustave Guajardo has a big dick and that he's eager to fuck raw. When Abel Rivera heard the news, being the cock whore twink that he is, he immediately wanted a piece of the action. Bored and already stripped down to his underwear, he walked in on Gustave, who was quietly reading but unable to concentrate as all he could think of was sticking his cock in a tight, pink hole! Abel chows down on the curved, juicy piece and slobbers on Gustave's meat before impaling himself (like a good Latino whore!) and riding Gustave down to the balls. The bareback twink bounces around, clearly enjoying the pressure as his own big curved dick is fully hard! Gustave flips Abel onto his back, throws the skinny twink's legs up in the air and slams home, fucking the cock whore until he’s ready to deliver a big, tasty load in a creamy cum facial.
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