Adam Price and Prince Taj

Channel: Mix It Up Boy
2022-05-06 05:30:02
Prince is hitting up Adam Price for some advice. He has been fucking too much lately and it's becoming a problem. Adam isn't really feeling like helping out and ended up texting while Prince was trying to talk to him. Prince figures if he isn't gonna get the help that he needs, he might as well do what he knows and that's to fuck! He whips out his big black dick and Adam gets right to sucking on it. He impresses Taj by how he can throat it all the way to the base and that just makes him all the more horny to fuck. He tastes Adam's tight white ass then gets to dicking him down. Adam can't help but moan in ecstasy and beg for more of that dark meat. Taj fingers him until he busts his nut all over his tight chest. Taj busts his load all over Adam's face and Adam really understands just how bad Taj's sex problem really is.
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