Adrian and Jason

Channel: Bad Puppy
2018-10-08 05:30:02
Adrian and Jason have known each other since grade school and have never hooked up. Jason knew that Adrian was going to do an adult film; but, became quite intrigued when he heard that it was gay porn. Jason wanted Adrian in the worst way and he was willing to go in front of the camera to get the man he wanted. They start out passionately kissing as they strip each other out of their clothes. With fully erect cocks, these two studs go down on each other; sucking at each other cocks, enjoying every thick inch. Adrian wants to shove his thick dick deep into Jason; but, first he gets Jason ready with some great tongue action. Jason sinks his cock deep into Adrian; initially standing up and pounding him from the rear and finally; Jason climbs on top and rides Adrian like he has taken that big cock before. Our two studs finish with Adrian squirting a thick load all over his leg and balls while riding Jason’s cock; and Jason dumps a nice load of jizz all over his own chest.
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