Alan Kennedy And Danny Moore

Channel: College Dudes
2019-03-14 05:30:02
Before the camera starts rolling, Alan Kennedy and Danny Moore have already found their way to the bed, lips locked in deep kisses, and after a minute of heavy making out the clothes start to come off and they’re groping and feeling and touching. Alan is the lucky one to get head first as Danny bends down and takes Alan’s cock in his wet mouth, holding it with his hand as he sucks and slurps on that juicy prick. Then, when Alan’s dick is hard and dripping, Danny lies back on the bed and lets Alan give him some well-deserved oral before they decide to pleasure each other at the same time with some 69ing. But when Alan has had enough of tasting cock, he wants something a little different and beds Danny over to lick that ass, rimming all around that tight little hole as Danny loves every minute of it. After a good rimjob, Danny’s hole is wet and relaxed and ready to take a cock, and Alan gives it to him nice and slow.
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