Alex and Jason

2018-08-09 05:30:02
Say hello to our two southern texas boys Alex and Jason. Once you watch these two go at it, you will be able to tell that this isn't the first time that these two have fucked. Jason invited Alex for the weekend to hang with him and some of the guys so he could have others take advantage of him too. The guys traded blow jobs but there was no question that Alex wanted to feel Jason's cock inside of him. These two were so turned on by each other that their cocks were throbbing before they could get naked. Jason teased Alex for a while sucking his fat cock and eating his ass to get in nice and ready. Alex started off by climbing on top and swallowing every inch of Jason's big dick with his wet hole. The longer they fucked the harder Alex wanted it and the harder Jason gave it to him. These two were used to exploding in each other so we had to make sure the saved the load for out cameras. Jason put Alex on his knees so that he could ram him deep from behind. It didn't take long before Jason wanted to shoot his load and Alex wanted to taste it so Jason gave him a creamy milk shake in his mouth just as Alex dumped his own load.
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