Alex Hawk

Channel: Bad Puppy
2024-06-11 10:30:02
Alex Hawk takes time from his busy porn schedule of whips, chains and other forms of bondage to stop by and do a sexy solo video for Badpuppy. The interview complete, our young cub stands up, give us a few hot poses in his new underwear; but, it’s obvious that Alex is much more comfortable out of his clothes. His underwear comes off; his hard cock stands straight up, one hand starts pulling his balls and the other hand starts jerking his cock. Turning to the side Alex discovers that he can see himself in the mirror and it really turns him on. Alex turns to face the mirror and bends over just enough to give us the hottest view of him working his asshole with his fingers while jacking his dick with the other hand. The ass probing with his fingers and the cock jerking come to a head after Alex sits down in the chair. As his balls tighten; Alex’s head goes back, his body tightens and his cock spits jizz all over his stomach, balls and hand.
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