Alex Stan and Laco Meido

Channel: Bad Puppy
2024-06-11 10:30:02
After a long run Laco Meido takes the time to rub tattooed muscle stud Alex Stan’s feet and legs. While helping Alex relax a little Laco surprises Alex, climbs on top of him and starts kissing. Laco kisses his way from Alex’s face, down his chest, thru his pleasure trail and then he pulls back Alex’s underwear revealing an already erect cock which Laco sticks in his mouth quite eagerly. Laco rips off Alex’s underwear, pushes his legs back and buries his face in Alex’s asshole working his tongue and fingers, loosening up Alex’s ass. Laco drops his shorts, grabs the lube and sits down on the sofa. Alex climbs on top of Laco and slowly sits down on Laco’s thick meat and he begins riding it up and down, groaning with pleasure. Laco pounds Alex’s ass in three different positions before Alex shoots a load of jizz all over his own leg, as Laco continues to fuck his ass. Very turned on, Laco pulls out of Alex and blows a load of thick cum all over Alex’s leg and balls. Finished with their little escapade our two erect studs take off for the showers to get cleaned up.
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