Alexander Greene And Braxton Smith

Channel: College Dudes
2024-06-11 10:30:02
Alexander Greene and Braxton Smith, two of our sexiest dudes together, kissing, touching, making out and getting each other harder by the second! The shirts are off pretty quick, and the pants come off next until these studs are naked on the bed, their cocks touching and bodies pressed together as they kiss a bit longer before Alexander kneels down for a taste of Braxton’s sweet cock! Alexander sucks that delicious meat and then gets head from Braxton, who gives Alexander’s dick a good sucking, trying to get that whole cock in his mouth but it’s just too much to handle! But cock-sucking isn’t the only oral these two have in mind as Alexander spreads Braxton’s ass and eats it out, sliding his tongue across Braxton’s entrance as he rims that tight hole and then shoves his cock in it! Alexander holds Braxton’s legs apart as he fucks him slowly, making sure Braxton can feel every inch of his cock inside him as he moves it in and out while Braxton slowly massages his own dick. They fuck doggy style next as Braxton takes Alexander’s huge cock, then they switch it up and Braxton rides Alexander’s dick, jerking his own meat as he grinds up and down on Alexander’s hard shaft until he shoots his hot load! Alexander pulls out of Braxton’s ass and kisses him while he strokes his dick until he’s covered in his own cum!
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