Alexei - Russian Swimmer - Part 2

2018-01-12 05:30:02
Jared frees Alexei’s right hand, and the boy can’t resist working his cock, hoping that maybe these men would rather enjoy him than torture him. Little does he know that torturing boys is what we enjoy. The young Russian is forced to hug as massive concrete pillar, his wrists and ankles cuffed so he can’t move away from it. He is a stunningly beautiful boy, with flawless, creamy skin and the lean, muscular physique of an elite swimmer. Jared can’t resist mauling that perfect body before tearing into it with the flogger. Soon, Alexei’s back and ass are bright red. The pain of a fine midst of alcohol landing on his wounds is almost too much to bear. When it’s all done, Alexei can barely crawl out of the room.
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