Channel: Dudes Raw
2024-02-12 11:30:01
Bae is my boyfriend; we have been together for a year. With both of us vers and always ready to fuck, once he gets back from the gym, it's on. Sucking my dick, I then swallow his cock; Bae's delicious chocolaty hole is a must before I slide in. Being a bit more aggressive as a top, my thrusting has him begging for more. Once we flip, his fully engorged cock goes deep within. As he gets close, I beg him to blow it in my hole; I love to feel his warm cum inside. Jerking off, I shoot mine to my chest, and then Bae and I share. He is perfect for me, a fit boy with a fine cock. Anthony is Bae's real-life partner, agreeing to show us some of their fun on DudesRaw.
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