Andro Maas and Kayden Gray

Channel: Bad Puppy
2020-06-29 05:30:01
Kayden Gray returns to Badpuppy with 27 year old ginger, Andro Maas in a deeply passionate scene featuring two incredibly sculpted studs. As Kayden’s clothes come off he falls back into a chair and Andro goes to work on Kayden’s thick and growing cock. Kayden has to pull Andro off of his cock because he wants the piece of meat that’s creating a huge bulge in Andro’s underwear. When Andro’s shorts come off Kayden is met with a huge, uncut, fully erect cock flopping right in front of his face. Or course, Kayden sucks it right down and from the look on Andro’s face he enjoys every minute of it until Kayden turns him around and buries his face into Andro’s asshole. When Andro’s ass is loose enough, Kayden lubes up his cock and after slowly pushing it right up Andro’s hole; he starts thrusting in and out with Andro face first on the table moaning with pleasure. From riding Kayden’s cock on the ottoman to Kayden pushing Andro’s legs back as far as they will go, Kayden gives Andro an incredibly intense ass pounding. As Kayden continues to pound away Andro sprays a load of jizz all over the place and sending Kayden over the top; he pulls out and literally squirts long strands of cum all over Andro’s chest and stomach.
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