Ansel and Kodi

Channel: Chaos Men
2019-03-14 05:30:02
It took Ansel a couple weeks to decide to come back and get head from a guy. I assured him that porn would be playing, and it was a pretty chill experience. You may remember how easy it was for Ansel to cum during his solo video, and I was relieved to hear that he said he could easily cum from a blow-job. He got himself hard to do some initial photos, and his cock was quite responsive. Kodi was the lucky pup that got to blow him. He pulls Ansel's cock down from under his gym shorts and starts tugging on it. It was still hard from the photos, so Kodi had a jump-start. Ansel gets a little wobbly, so Kodi peels-off his shorts, lubes-up his cock, and gets him back to fully-hard. After that, it was a like a cat playing with a toy. Kodi strokes, jerks and sucks Ansel's cock like he has all the time in the world. Toying with him before making him nut. Ansel got his ass eaten for the first time, and Kodi's beard was tickling him. It is kind of funny to watch him writhe around. He keeps jumping away, but then realized he liked it, so shoves his ass back into Kodi's face. And as expected, Kodi easily ramps-up Ansel's cock until a load is spilling out of his cock! This is a straight-forward Serviced video, so fans who love when it is kept simple will love this Serviced video!
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