Antonio Cervone & Easton

Channel: Chaos Men
2019-03-08 05:30:02
Talk about instant chemistry! These two were making-out with each other even before I got the cameras rolling. Both Antonio and Easton have amazing oral skills, but once Easton saw how much Antonio liked to be bossed around, he was in full-command. He makes Antonio service his big cock, pushing it deep down his throat. Easton returns the favor, but when they start to 69 suck, you can tell that Antonio loved being face fucked and cock-gagged while Easton deep throats his cock. Easton eagerly eats his hole, getting it all lubed up for his giant cock. He flips Antonio onto his stomach and power fucks the hell out Antonio. He holds his arms behind him and mercilessly fucks his hole. And I mean MERCILESSLY! There was no escaping that ass pounding! Easton climbs off and makes Antonio clean his cock, then has Antonio ride his dick. Balls are flying as he hammers Antonio's hole. And I mean HAMMERED! Those of you who love a dude who can fuck till he cums, will love the ending on this one. I let Easton just fuck and fuck and fuck until he is about to cum. He pulls, squirts a little, then shoves his cock head in. His cock THROBBING and PUMPING his load into Antonio. He shoves his cock in further to deeply breed his boy! I am not kidding when I knew Antonio was about to cum from that and I better hurry to re-position. I scrambled quickly to get above to watch him beat out his own load while Easton fucks his cum into him! That is not the first time I have had to do that, so I might need more cameras. This is one fucking hot video!
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