Ashton and Kai

Channel: Euroboy XXX
2020-03-13 05:30:02
MMMM skinny and sweet and in-heat. Guess what Kai’s getting for his 19th birthday? ‘’uncut cock’’ and a lot of it. Ashton can’t wait to strip this slender, sexy boy out of his pants and give him a proper birthday ‘sorting out’. The boys are beautiful, skinny lads with oversized, uncircumcised cocks, and after a long snogging session they’re bulging in their pants and ready for action. Ashton sucks and rims and makes sure Kai’s hole is good and ready to take a LONG, thick, uncut twink cock. and thats a very healthy length of tool he’s wielding. Kai gets fucked all over the sofa, they’re thrusting so hard that he’s fucked off the sofa, offering up his smooth, hairless rump, doggy style - good and nasty. Then when Kai’s hole can take no more stretching and ploughing the lads sit back, feeling each others warm, naked bodies next to each other as they wank themselves to convulsing, spurting climaxes. Happy Birthday Kai!
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