Ashton Bradley & Chris Jansen

Channel: Boynapped
2020-05-22 05:30:01
The poor twink has been stripped naked and tied to some long sticks out in the hills, left there ready to be used by whoever finds him. Thankfully it's Ashton who gets to play with the captive, he knows how to use a boy properly! After using the flogger on the slave he produces a blowtorch, something that Chris is instantly worried about of course. Thankfully (or perhaps not) a large candle follows and Ashton finds an ingenious way to get his hot wax fun going out in this remote location. With the boy being face fucked as Ashton feeds him his long and hard dick Chris gets hot wax dripped all over him, but with Ashton's cum load rising he's about to get a treat. The slave boy gets a great load, splashing out right into his face and into his mouth too.
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