Aymet's New Boyfriend

Channel: French Dudes
2018-02-13 05:30:02
Checking out the local cruising grounds at the abandoned building, we came across Aymet (wearing the silver necklace) and SmokeBoy playing suck face. Before long, SmokeBoy drops his pants to his ankles and exposes a hard cock for Aymet to wrap his lips around. SmokeBoy takes advantage to get "in" a little "finger" time playing with Aymet's sweet hole. Aymet comes back up for air and lip locks before going back down on SmokeBoy. Seeing how SmokeBoy can't keep his fingers out of Aymet's ass while he's sucking, I can't help but feel there's more than a couple fingers going in that sweet hole soon. Yup! There goes the raincoat and there goes SmokeBoy's cock playing "hide and seek" in Aymet's ass. Braced up against the wall, Aymet takes it all in before dropping down on the ground as they fuck doggy style. Great job by our cameraman filming from every angle on this scene. From the left, the right, in front, behind, up top looking down, looking up from underneath. I'm getting dizzy from all the blood rushing to my head; or is that because I'm ready to blow my load? *lol*
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