Behind The Camera And Up The Ass

Channel: Euroboy XXX
2019-06-07 05:30:02
Wowzer, long lean fucking machine Luke Vogel is back for more dick, the bigger the better for this very English slut boy. And this time he’s pitted against, stunning, dark and very big dicked - David, a luscious, exotic lad with a beautiful face, lean body and heavy, dark, uncut cock. The boys strip each other down to explore each others bodies, caressing each others nipples and watching, then feeling their young, uncut dicks stiffen and grow. Luke spreads his long legs and encourages David to rubber up and slide into his hungry, tight, warm hole. With his knees in his face, Luke’s even more turned on by the pleasure all over David’s face as he pushes his cock deep inside, appreciating the tight, almost virgin territory he’s ploughing. Luke pushes back hungr! y for more, before the boys slip into a ‘spoons’ position, (luv watching Luke’s dick swing as David rams that hot hole!). And when Luke’s battered, aching, utterly pleasured hole can take no more David pushes him back, sits behind his head and finishes himself off to become a boy-fountain of gushing goo as Luke takes splash after splash on his handsome, sticky face.
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