Big Dan Goes Bottom Up

Channel: SD Boy
2024-02-12 11:30:01
Today we have Daniel, a military man, 20, wanting to try something new. He is bisexual and enjoys the single life; loves being fucked and fucking. When Daniel undresses for a shower, we see he is already hard, a guy large in stature and dick. He says that the camera is turning him on, that is very evident. Daniel has a nice muscular body, from working out and fighting MMA. As the camera shows his profile, we see he is still hard and large. I comment, that just doesn't die. Now on the bed, he spreads his legs and holds his cock as we chat; that dick is up past his belly button. I tell him doing porn may be his thing; being hard is half the battle. Daniel strokes off as I film and snap photos. I notice he keeps watching me, then he asks about me being bi. I tell him I just like a nice ass. At that point, he just reaches over, unzips my pants and finds that I am hard too; I told him I like a nice ass, and Daniel definitely has one. I film as Daniel plays and sucks my cock. His mouth goes a ways down on me; I love a guy with experience. Then Daniel says, want to put it up my ass? I think I said, sure, before I grabbed the lube, but who knows. As I finger his hole, he is still hard. He ass is up in the air and he is ready to be fucked. Checking to see how Daniel likes to be taken, he says, deep and hard; this is going to be fun. I start to fuck him and he pants, oh yeah; it is so tight I say. Wow, he feels so good I know I'm going to cum quick. Daniel watches me as I ride him from behind. I have him flip over and work on stroking; his nice hole has me so close. As I thrust, he quietly cums, like all good military guys I tell him. I also ask about topping, he says, yes. Maybe I can get him back to do a flip-flop with another guy.
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