Billy Warren and Dolf Dietrich

2024-04-16 10:30:01
We’re always surprised when a top decides to bottom. But, hey. Who are we to ask questions? Especially when the guy who wants to bottom is none other than tattooed muscle hunk Dolf Dietrich. The dark-haired, pierced stud sucks good dick but when it comes down to getting fucked, he needs a moment alone. Fingering himself, handsome Dolf gets preps his hole Billy Warren, or so he thinks. He does get the rim of his life from the smooth blond but when the bearded hunk slides that big cock home, nothing could have prepared Dolf for the pressure. Dolf takes it all, hard and fast, slow and steady, all the while moaning like a man whore in heat as Billy bareback fucks his hot muscled ass. Billy fires off a massive load and seeds Dolf, fucking the rest of his jizz inside.
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