Birthday Wishes Can Cum True 2

2023-09-18 05:30:01
Aw shit, time for Tommy's "real" present to be given to him. As James kneels down to help this B-Day boy up, the true gift of "giving" begins. Having Tommy sit down and relax, well, most of his body, the straight boy sucks; Tommy pulls at James' hair and rubs his body. Moaning, Tommy gives out an "oh yeah;" James makes his way up to the boy's nipples as well. Zooming in to get all the action, and sounds, these two are working well together. Thrusting his dick into James' open mouth, the "cock sucker" is taking it well; he also does some ball worship. Using both tongue and hand, James works on the gift that will soon be giving. Getting ready to blow, Tommy moans an, "oh baby here goes" and then thanks the straight guy for all the fun, cum included.
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