Bound For Glory

2018-07-01 05:30:03
Mind G, with the beard, shows Robby Mendez a new "place" to fuck. In a nice leather harness, Robby works it up and lets his "Mind" take control. As the guys appreciate their "adjoined equipment," the camera stays close. "Multitasking," Mind sucks Robby's cock while working on his own; like a table, the boy is then hoisted for a "feast." Suspended above, the "harn-ass" is perfect for Mind to get in deep with his mouth and hand. Like a kid "in" a candy store, Mind excitedly lubes up Robby's "treasure" and gives him a "digging" he won't soon forget; and that's before his cock slides in. Releasing his partner, the pair then continues to play, without the leather "entanglements." As Mind burrows his cock in deep, he "reflects" on Robby's beautiful hole. Up for some riding time himself, Mind also "takes the plunge" onto Robby. Fucking with more vigor, Mind switches back to topping; it doesn't take long before that "winker" has him blowing and cleaning. Close himself, Robby shoots right into Mind's mouth as the two snowball for the hell of it.
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