Brad Kalvo and Jackson Fillmore

2024-05-27 10:30:01
At a local bathhouse, in the locker room, bearded, curly-haired Jackson Fillmore is stuck between the proverbial rock and a hard place. What to do? Who to suck first? Brad Kalvo or Hugh Hunter? Jackson decides to slobber all over Brad’s tool first. And while the bearded, hairy muscle daddy kicks back to enjoy Jackson’s oral skills, nearby Hugh looks on. But soon it’s his turn and the muscular thick-hung inked and pierced daddy has that fat cock disappear as Jackson tries to take him down to the balls. And speaking of balls, Jackson munches and worships Hugh’s big nut sac before getting his face and throat fucked. Soon, cock hungry Jackson presents his trim ass for Brad to take. The sexy daddy buries his face and rims Jackson as if he were savoring the tenderest of filet mignon. Brad slides in, bareback fucking Jackson before the bearded otter returns to orally service Hugh. On all fours, Jackson is spit-roasted between Brad, fucking Jackson’s sweet raw ass, and Hugh’s beercan thick shaft. What starts off as a 3-way ends with a one-on-one when Hugh leaves in search of another tight hot ass since it’s clear Brad isn’t giving up Jackson's hole. But never fear, Jackson gets Brad's load in the form of a facial and the two end with a sticky, cum-filled kiss.
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