Breed & Seed Flip Fuck

2022-05-13 05:30:02
You can tell these two fuckers apart by the "long one." Not the cocks, as each has a "beast" to use. I'm talking about the socks, Tober Brandt's in them and Kodah Fillmore has something to "plug." A long hot flip is just what these two want and provides. Sucking and rimming, all you need now is a cum rag; even the camera gets in "deep." As the cornucopia of cock is sucked, looks like Tober's the first to get fucked, hard. Slapping that fat cock "in and out," Kodah has Tober's "rosebud" embedded firmly. True to his name, "Fillmore" seeds and then opens up his "field" for Tober to plant. Grabbing his partner's ankles and pumping fast, Tober "cums" dripping out. Fed and spread, Kodah's plenty puckered and pleased with the job.
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