Brian Bonds and Dusty Williams

2024-01-28 11:30:01
Those of you enjoy a good butt munching session are going to get off with bearded, hairy otter Dusty Williams making a meal out of Brian Bonds’ hungry fuck hole. Clad in a sexy jockstrap that frames his ass beautifully, Brian pulls apart his own cheeks, demanding Dusty get “deep in there.” Dusty gives Brian exactly what he wants. Plenty of tongue and then some balls deep bareback fucking action. But then Brian turns the tables on Dusty, rimming his trim little ass like a hungry man who hasn’t eaten a good cut of beef in ages! Brian’s analingus skils drives Dusty mad with desire, his face expressive in his pleasure. Brian slides home, using only spit for lube, and matched Dusty stroke for stroke. The two continue rimming and bareback fucking each other, edging as they slide raw dick in bare hole. When they can no longer hold back from spewing their seed, Brian pumps a big juicy load into Dusty’s ass, breeding and seeding his freshly fucked hole, followed by Dusty, who cums all over his hairy chest, leaving Brian to lick up some of the explosive jizz mingled with Dusty’s sweat.
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