Brian Bonds and Josh Connors

Channel: Bad Puppy
2018-10-11 05:30:02
27 year old beefy Brian Bonds returns to Badpuppy after a few years to break in his new sling with 24 year old Josh Connors. Come to find out Josh had never been in a sling and was a little nervous; but, he did agree that he wanted his first time to be with Brian. Brian takes the lead and plants a deep kiss on Josh which gets returned almost immediately. Our two studs slowly strip each other shirts off and all the while kissing and tonguing at each other nipples. Josh kisses his way down Brian’s chest and stomach, slowly undoing Brian’s pants with his hand. As Brian’s pants drop to the floor his already thick cock drops out right in from of Josh’s waiting mouth and Josh swallows it very deep. After some oral stimulation, Brian instructs Josh to lie down across the sling on his stomach. Brian pulls down Josh’s jeans to find a very eatable, plump ass to which he immediately buries his face in Josh’s hole with his tongue. Brian lubes up his cock some and after some ass teasing he buries it deep into Josh’s waiting ass and begins plowing it quite hard. After a few moments of intense ass fucking, Brian rolls Josh over in the sling and props his legs up on the chains. Eager to start again, Brian buries his cock in Josh’s ass again, all the way to the base and as the fucking begins again the sling moves in motion with the fucking allowing Brian to fuck Josh even harder.
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