Brian Strowkes Gets Dirty

Channel: Dirty Tony
2019-01-10 05:30:02
Brian Strowkes says he is mostly straight. But he admits to me he's just a smidge bi-curious. When he was a teenager, he tells me he got some pretty nice blow jobs from a neighbor buddy who was gay. So he never passes up a chance to blow his nut in a talented mouth. So far, most of his best blow jobs have come from dudes, who in Brian's estimation, seem to be much more into it. Brian clearly has an adventurous streak - among the sexual exploits he hopes for in the future is an orgy where he can explore his sexuality with a mix of guys and girls. He says he would fuck any hole he could find to nut in. And you know what? I believe him. He likes to be in control and dominant and get a good cardio workout during sex, but something tells me, what he really wants is a chance to let go and be dominated. So I decide to find out by telling him how much his lips look like good dick sucking lips. He just smiles that mid-west smile that says, "cum give 'em a try". So I do, and he gets right into it, helping me unbutton the bulge that has already been building in my pants.
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