Channel: Spunkworthy
2023-11-20 11:30:01
Getting Brock to come back to get his first BJ from a guy was one tough nut to crack. Even after his massage shoot, he was really unsure about doing anything more. Until a big stack of cash was on the table and, well... here we go! I sent a text to Myles to see if he would want to do the honors. Taking one look at Brock and his beer-can cock, Myles responded in about 5 seconds: "Hell, yes." Brock was super nervous when the cameras started rolling. His eyes were glued to the porn playing in the background. That is, until Myles' mouth was wrapped around his cock, when Brock suddenly realized that this was going to be unlike any blow-job he was used to. Even when Brock grabbed Myles' head and shoved it all the down to the base, he kept going like a champ. Brock seemed somewhere between amazement and disbelief that anyone could take his fat cock as rough as he was serving it up. Getting Brock up to the edge took some work, but Myles was enthusiastically on board for making it happen. The pay-off was well worth the wait. Brock sent huge streams of cum flying clear over his shoulder in what looked like one of the best orgasms he'd ever had.
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