Brock Hart and Steve King

Channel: World Of Men
2018-12-15 05:30:01
While the temperatures dip and the days get gloomy around much of the world, in Florida, the days are warm and sunny. Brock Hart and Steve King are naked and taking full advantage of the weather. Though, truth be told, it’s early morning and these two pigs have just come home after a night carousing at the local bars and clubs. Super charged and still way too horny to go to bed and get some sleep, tattooed and pierced Steve offers up his cock for Brock to suck. Steve is soon rimming Brock’s hungry ass and slides home, balls deep. After fucking the beefy hunk, it’s Steve’s turn to get pounded. Brock delivers a good pounding, shooting a hefty load all over Steve’s furry belly.
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