Bruno's Bronking Bust

2024-06-04 10:30:01
5'8", 125 and "strong like a bull," Bruno is 18 and wants to do porn; "it's fun and I like doing it." Straight and, "heteroflexible," he's here to do a solo as his audition. Bruno agrees to be matched later with guys and has no problem getting hard fast; a porn-star is born. Pulling off his boxers, he has a full bush, preferring not to trim. Coming up easily, Bruno's balls swell and dangle nicely between his thighs. Our model is going to "take the bull by the horns today." Stretched out, this "hard worker" enjoys the porn as his hips thrust. Panting and eyes rolling, Bruno gets into a nice rhythm; his twink body is in nice contrast to his "sizeable natural parts." With his cock getting redder, Bruno slows his motion, only stopping for some lotion. Legs spread, he also carries the hair all the way down his crack; "the best places are always naturally scented." Crunching his toes, Bruno pops one off and it lands on his thigh and groin. More relaxed now, we'll have him back to see what he can do "at the rodeo."
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