Buff Theo is Working More Than His Abs

Channel: Eurocreme
2018-10-20 05:30:02
Soaping his toned and tattooed body in the shower, straight gym-goer Theo spends a little too long washing his dick – it’s grown more than double the size, his thick shaft hard to hide beneath his towel, much to the appreciation of tiny gay boy Rox dressing after his own workout. Already with the horn racing through him, Theo lets the young lad do as he wants, he’s seen him glued to his exposed dick and doesn’t care, a mouth is a mouth and any hole is the goal! Smooth, small and perfectly formed, Rox is a great substitute for pussy, so much so that Theo sucks cock too, tasting the other side of the coin for the first time! Eating ass like it’s going out of fashion, Theo knows it needs a bit more help to ease his thick dick inside, but Rox takes it like a pro and the eager dick hunter pushes back just as much as Theo pushes forward, giving us the deepest fuck, just how we like it!
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