CAUSA 514 Beau – Part 2

2022-03-13 05:30:01
So, now we have Beau face up, and holy shitballs, he was in his zone! Firstly, as soon as I began rubbing the massage oil on Beau’s body, his cock became engorged & tingling and began its dance toward his chest. I kept all three cameras angles of this feat in the final video. It’s something to behold. The other thing to behold are TWO unbelievable ejaculations! The first one just kept cumming & cumming & cumming, and Beau covered his chest, neck, face, & the massage table with his guy goo. After Beau’s first orgasm, I noticed two things. Firstly, he didn’t make a move to come back into the reality of the moment, and secondly, Beau’s was not going flaccid in my hand post ejaculation. Well, of course, that’s my queue to keep on rubbin’ & tuggin’… Beau’s second orgasm had as much velocity as his first, and he again covered himself in his guy goo. Side note: Murphy’s Law kicked in when I had the vibrating prostate massager inserted & Beau was nearing his first orgasm when the first chirp out of the smoke alarm in the hall sounded. Shortly thereafter, a second chirp, and I thought, “Well, shit! The battery’s dying & that thing is going to chirp all the way through his orgasm.” lol Alas, although we lost momentum going into Beau’s first earth shattering, body splattering orgasm, it certainly didn’t phase Beau in his zone.
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