Charli and Rosta - Screen Test

2018-10-13 05:30:02
In a great screentest we have newcomer Charli Lomoz a very sexy straight guy paired with the ever popular Rosta Benecky. Charli is laying, face down, on the bed with Rosta laying on top of him, kissing his way down Charli's body. As he works down the body Rosta pulls the underwear from Charli's sexy ass and kisses it. He massages Charli's ass cheeks and licks them too. He spreads the cheeks and starts to lick at Charli's hot hole. Then Rosta turns Charli over, pulling his underwear off. Charli's cock is rock hard and he moans as Rosta's lips enclose it. Rosta sucks on that throbbing cock as Charlie lays there enjoying the feeling. As Rosta sucks the cock he comes off it and swirls his tongue around the head too. Then Rosta moves to 69 with Charli. His cock is in Charli's mouth as his ass cheeks are parted by Charli's hands. The suck each other real well in that position. Then Rosta moves, to bend over and lean against the bedframe. Charli gets behind him and slides with stiff dick deep into Rosta's eager ass. Rosta moans loudly as Charlie fucks him deep and hard. The fucking speeds up, pounding at Rosta's ass. His own cock is big and swollen as he feels Charli's slamming into his hole. Charli spanks Rosta's ass as he fucks him deep. Moving into missionary position Charli continues to fuck that hot ass as Rosta wanks his own massive cock. Charli really works on that ass as Rosta's wanking speeds up. His dick is so big and hard as he wanks it faster and faster. As he wanks Rosta shoots his hot cum all over his belly with Charli's dick deep in his ass. Rosta milks his cock dry as Charli keeps pounding his hole. Rosta turns over, onto his knees, for Charli to fuck him some more. As he fucks that ass Charli cant hold back and shoot his load deep inside. He slowly pulls out of the ass and his cock continues to drip with cum. He spreads Rosta's ass cheeks to show the cum oozing out of the hole. Then after kissing each other the guys go to the shower to clean up.
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