Chizzeled: Sawn UP

Channel: UK Hot Jocks
2018-04-16 05:30:01
Kayden is working hard slicing up panels for a new piece of furniture when to anyones surprise in walks Andro. He hasn't been at work for over a week and is frequently ill or excused from work. He knows he's up for the figurative chop and has the audacity to ask Kayden if he can help him keep his job. He is willing but want's something in return, his sweet arse! Andro doesn't put up any sort of fight and lets him have it! There's an explosion of passion between these two, this has clearly been a long time coming. Andro sucks on Kaydens thick and powerful 9.5", getting an oral feel of whats to analy to come. Right over the huge cutting machine they suck, rim and fuck like champions. Andro REALLY wants to keep his job! Taking every girthy inch of his meat in his perfect arse. Seriously the combination of cock and arse here is award winning! Will Andro keep his job after a brutal fucking? We think he deserves to!
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