Chris A'Dam and Curt Cummings

Channel: World Of Men
2019-08-16 05:30:01
I meet the guys in a cafe by one of the canals, Chris is 100% Dutch, Curt is an Australian surfer on a long Europe holiday. Chris is tall, slim, with dark looks. Curt is the opposite, not too tall, broad and blond. I take them home and let them free to show me what they got. Chris is packing a really nice uncut cock, a good 7.5/8, thick and beautifully straight… Curt sucks it with pleasure, and I slightly envy him. Chris returns the pleasure but while sucking Curt's cock his hands reach round between the Australian smooth round ass cheeks. Soon the hands are replaced by the fingers, then the tongue and after prepping him, Chris stands up and pushes his cock in from behind. He fucks him deep but only after laying down and having Curt sitting on his pole Chris starts to fuck him deep AND hard. Still not happy he turns Curt on his back and fucks the cum out of him before shooting another thick load of cum on Curt's smooth chest.
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