Classic CAUSA 274 Sesso

2022-03-19 05:30:02
Although Sesso has not appeared on another site in over a year, when he first contacted me to express his interest in shooting videos for CAUSA, my question for him was what could he do differently for me on video that he’s not done before? That’s when he said that we could shoot a toy video because his girlfriend uses a strap-on on him, and he loves it! Well, I didn’t need any further convincing… Once the shoot began with Sesso, what I soon learned is that a strong breeze past his manhole will send his eyes rolling back into his head. LOL! He rolls his eyes even more than Shayne, and I love it because it’s a visual indicator that I’m doing my job right. The other clue that my finger and the toys were doin’ him right? Sesso’s feet and toes flap like angel’s wings. LOL! And I’ve discovered a new malady. I call it Sex Apnea. Sesso is the first model, to my recollection, when something is feeling really good, he holds his breath for an extended period of time and then let’s out a huge exhale. That cracked me up a bit when editing the video. In the couple of days leading up to this shoot, Sesso was a big ol’ horndog text messaging and IMing me about how horny he was in anticipation of this shoot. Ironically, the guy who showed up at my door is rather quiet and reserved. Works for me because they’re the ones who turn into wild animals in bed. ?? What will also work for you is his hot, compact Italian body, his pink, tight manhole, and all of his visible and audible demonstrations of his pleasure! DAYUM!
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