2024-06-11 10:30:02
In anticipation of running Clay this week, I stalked his Facebook profile, and I’m happy to report that sexy, furry, cubby, single-dad Clay, today at 49 years of age, looks better than ever! After this second shoot, I didn’t hear from Clay, and he disappeared off of AFF. A couple of years later, he was back on AFF and webcamming. I was horrified to see that he’d been vacuum pumping what was his rather pretty appendage. Almost a year later when again I ran across him on webcam and actually using the pump, I emailed him and strongly suggested that he might want to lay off of the pumping because he was permanently damaging his penis tissue that could result him having a lifelong, ugly “Pillsbury Dough Cock.” Insert “Tee Hee” here. 😉 I don’t know if Clay took my advice, but given how he’s lookin’ today, I’d love to have him take another spin on ye olde CAUSA massage table. For now, here’s what I had to say 11 years ago about Clay’s second and last round: Shortly, after Clay’s “A Rub and A Tug” appeared, quite a bit of positive feedback arrived in my email. After a period of younger, smooth models appearing on, many were happy to see this hottie cub do his thing.
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