2018-08-09 05:30:02
When Clayton walked into the room, I just about dropped my camera. Clayton Jasper is exactly why we do what we do here at Southern Strokes. Clayton is all man, from head to toe. His body is big and flawless with a few tats and a great big cock. Clayton was shy but kinda anxious to get his clothes off so I flirted with him for as long as I could stand it before we had him get undressed for us and show off his muscles. Clayton spends all is spare time in the gym and it shows. Clayton is a rugged Southern man with a masculine handsome face and killer eyes and smile. His big biceps seemed to get pumped even bigger with each stroke as Clayton worked his cum load out of his nuts and up into his fat veiny shaft. Clayton was still standing with his legs spread when he started stroking faster and his enter body seemed to flex with each stroke. Imaging yourself laying on the floor with your camera just hoping that a few drops would land in your mouth.
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