Corey and Luke

Channel: Euroboy XXX
2019-05-29 05:30:01
Big strapping Luke Tyler takes a little cutie in hand in this sizzling twinktastic scene. Luke's 20 years old but a big boy in every respect, 6 foot 2 inches of solid muscle and little, blonde - Corey can't wait to serve. The boys strip off on the sofa exploring each others pale, smooth bodies from their sensitive lickable nipples to their hairless holes, and of course we're in their close up for long lingering looks, our cameras don't miss anything. Corey's hole is damn tight but Luke squeezes his big dick into the moaning boy, and the boys build up the heat, fucking furiously as Corey's once virginal hole opens up around the uncut cock. Luke's decimating that juicy Gspot until Corey's is coming so hard he's almost blacking out.
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