Cory is 19

Channel: Spunkworthy
2023-09-18 05:30:01
Cory is 19 y/o and was introduced to me through one of his military buddies who had come in for a shoot a week or so earlier. Apparently, once the first guy came in, he'd told a bunch of his friends and they were lining up to be the next to get naked on camera, almost to see who would actually go through with it. Cory was the next brave one to show up. I have to admit, Cory is right up my alley. He's a thick guy; a former football player and wrestler, he's got an ass that made me weak in the knees. Cory, like most of the guys, was a little nervous at the start, but got more comfortable as the shoot progressed. He even seemed to get a little flirty which surprised me a little. He's str8, got a girlfriend (who didn't know he was doing the shoot), but something that told me Cory might be a tad curious about guys. I thought I'd test that intuition and pulled out the measuring tape to get an "official measurement" on Cory's cock (wink wink). He gave a quirky smile when I first grabbed his dick, seemingly on to my plan to cop a feel. He was rock hard and laughed when I kept stroking him. He didn't skip a beat, though, when I asked if I could help finish him off. It didn't take long to get him over the edge. Within a minute or so, Cory was spewing his load onto his belly while his whole body twitched.
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