Cpl Damom

2018-02-24 05:30:02
Straightoffbase, Corporal Damon, is a 21-year old, fair-skinned Marine, who stands at 5'10' and weighs in at 150 lbs. He drops by the Major's quarters after tossing a football around on the beach with his buddies and figured it was a good time to rub one out for the Major's camera. Damon tells the Major about an interesting teenage sexual escapade from back in high school, where he was with his girl in the backseat of his vehicle after a school baseball game. He pulled over into a store's parking lot, and started going at it, but were caught off guard by a bright light suddenly shining into their car's window. They froze, not sure what—or who—was outside. After a few minutes, the light went away and Damon proceeded to score a few home runs! The Major gives the order to Corporal Damon to remove his clothes and stretch out on the bed. He immediately gets down to business stroking his hard cock and blows a massive cum load across his chest into his hairy armpit!
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