Cum Feast

2018-11-12 05:30:02
Reed Royce, on the left, gives a hand to Cole Harvey. Our "stair-er" is Brandon Riggs; that boy sure likes the steps. Loving the taste of "freshly squeezed," Brandon says, "I wanna suck you guys off." True to his word, this cum guzzler puts his mouth where his mind is as he trades off on the two. Giving his knees and tongue a workout, both of these "thick" mother-fuckers give Brandon lots to "swallow." Stripping down, Brandon shows he too is no "stick" when it comes to growing. Giving Reed chills, Brandon has quite the "aperture." And when the boy blows, Brandon makes sure he tastes his reward. Back "on" Cole, Brandon is soon gettin' his, as the hottie finishes "glistening" Brandon's face.
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