Dakota Ford & Oliver Saxon Raw

2024-07-10 10:30:01
Dakota Ford has been gone for a while, but he’s making his first appearance back in the studio with newbie Oliver Saxon. Oliver admits that he’s a little nervous, but Dakota comforts him and they get their scene started, kissing a little before Oliver works his way down to Dakota’s huge cock. Oliver takes Dakota’s dick out and sucks that long shaft, sucking the balls and letting Dakota facefuck him before getting some oral of his own next. Dakota shoves Oliver’s sweet cock in his mouth and runs his tongue along Oliver’s balls, getting him hard and then turning him over, slapping Oliver’s ass and rimming his tight hole before filling it up with his big dick! Dakota fucks Oliver raw and hard, pulling Oliver’s hair and getting rough with him as he takes that ass. They move over to the bed and Oliver gets pounded by Dakota, Dakota slapping Oliver’s ass until it’s red and sore as he fucks him deep with his bareback cock. Oliver Jerks his own hard member as Dakota buries himself in Oliver’s ass, pulling on that cock until he cums and then getting on his knees to get a face full of Dakota’s hot jizz!
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