2022-03-10 05:30:02
After 12+ years and now our 531st video, CAUSA’s newest discovery, Dakotah, is our first Native American (thanks to Robbie for referring him!). Engaged with a baby on the way, mixed martial arts is Dakotah’s passion and hobby. That might explain the rather scrumdillyumptious “junk in his trunk.” Said another way, baby got back! ?? And Dakotah’s got front, as well, with eyes and a smile that melt buttah, a meaty build with some rather muscled thighs, and one helluva thick cock. Aside from the physical, Dakotah’s authentic, genuine spirit and energy envelope you. Going into this, I was under the impression that Dakotah is actively “bi” and enjoys toy play. Well, my understanding was only half correct. He does enjoy toy play with his fiancee’, but it wasn’t until the end of the shoot that I discovered Dakotah’s first go on the CAUSA massage table was also his first foray into being sexually stimulated by another male, as well as, first-time direct prostate play. I am always honored and thankful when a straight guy chooses to participate in a video, and at the same time even after 12 years, I remain puzzled and perplexed as to why their choice for first-time sexual engagement with another man is on film for perpetuity and for all the world to see. I’m definitely not complaining. ??
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