Damien Nichols & Tanner Valentino

2024-07-10 10:30:01
Damien Nichols seems a little nervous about today’s scene, but Tanner Valentino is just the guy he needs to help him through his nerves as they get things started. Damien grabs for Tanner’s dick while they make out, feeling his package through Tanner’s underwear and then tackling that big dick with his mouth as he sucks on it. Tanner gives him oral in return and they 69, each guy sucking and getting sucked as those cocks get throbbing hard. Damien gives Tanner a different brand of oral next as he spreads Tanner’s ass and rims his hole, making Tanner moan as Damien’s tongue circles his tight little hole. Tanner lets Damien facefuck him for a while before standing up and letting him get inside his ass as Damien fucks him bareback from behind. Tanner’s sweet ass bounces as Damien thrusts his long shaft in and out and then Damien climbs onto the bed with Tanner and holds Tanner’s legs apart, getting between them and burying that thick dick in Tanner’s ass again. As Damien pounds him, Tanner strokes his own member until both these sexy boys are cumming all over!
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