Damon Andros and Zack Acland

2024-01-04 11:30:01
If hung hairy men turn you on then you’ve just hit the mother lode! Damon Andros and Zack Acland aren’t just furry. They’re hairy as fuck and totally down to fuck. The tattooed bearded sex pigs make out before bald otter takes control of the situation, putting Damon through his paces with firm, steady control accompanied with just the right amount of dirty talk. It’s enough to get your blood boiling, especially as Damon fucks Zack’s handsome, bearded face, making him gag. Damon then proceeds to show Zack why he deserves to be on top, rimming, fingering, teasing and spanking Zack’s ass. Zack begs for cock but Damon knows how to put the pressure on and keep it on. He gives the bareback bottom pig what he wants but not until Damon is good and ready to give it to Zack. When Zack’s pleading reaches a frenzied pitch, Damon slides that raw dick home in one fell swoop, nice and slow, making Zack feel every inch of that long cock. It’s an incredible ride with Damon filling Zack’s hungry hole and Zack, getting greedy, pushing back to meet Damon’s forward thrusts then impaling and fucking himself. Damon takes control again, driving and pummeling, taking his sweet time until he breeds the cum-hungry little fucker with a huge load. Pull out your favorite lube and whip out your cock because this one is a scorcher!
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