Damon Andros Drills Max Breeker

Channel: Dirty Tony
2018-01-12 05:30:02
Damon Andros has a thing for twinky gingers. So when I told him I wanted him to fuck freckled Max Breeker, he popped a boner immediately. Once the shaved headed daddy settles in next to the boyish ginger on my couch, they chat a bit before working on some yoga stretches together. All this bending is difficult with pants on, so Damon helps Max out of his. Soon, daddy is behind his boy on the floor giving a back rub that quickly turns into an ass eating session. Damon spreads the white globes and dives his tongue deep into the pink hole as Max's dick starts to swell. Max volunteers to help his daddy out with a blow job. As he bobs on the pulsing dick, Damon grabs a handful of the copper mane; guiding his head up and down. Max greedily devours the stiff member, slobbering happily on the balls before spinning around to slide gently onto it. Max's face is alive with the ecstasy of being penetrated by a man old enough to be his father. As he bounces on it, Damon reaches around and strokes the pink, rock-hard stiffy.
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