Damon Andros nails Alec Hudson

Channel: Dirty Tony
2022-06-23 05:30:01
Damon Andres has his hands full today; of hunky Alec Hudson! Daddy is helping the younger stud relax on the sofa. They slowly help each other off with their shirts. Then the shoes come off and Alec is getting the foot massage of a lifetime. The hairy chested wolf smiles while his boy lays back, enjoying the pleasure of feeling a beard caressing his feet. They decide to try a little yoga to relax even further, slipping out of their pants before the first downward dog. After going through several different poses, Damon ends up on his hands and knees; eye level to Alec’s bulge. He happily goes down on the muscle boy, enjoying the view upward while his throat gets tickled. Alec is more than happy to return the favor while Damon lays back with his arm behind his head, giving Alec a full view of his armpit. Alec’s ass is twitching for that cock. He spins around and eases himself down for deep dive against his prostate. Daddy bends Alec over the couch and takes his boyhole from behind as Alec moans happily. Finally, Alec rides Damon cowboy style, bouncing on his cock. Alec’s muscular ass spreads just enough to allow full penetration of the older man’s dick.
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