Danny Moore And Javier Cruz

Channel: College Dudes
2022-05-06 05:30:02
Javier Cruz and Danny Moore start off the scene half naked already, so you know they were just dying to get at each other, and Javier isn’t shy about showing it as he reaches down Danny’s pants and grabs his cock while they kiss! Javier rubs their dicks together as they make out, getting hard through the sensation of their pricks pressed against one another…until Javier wants a taste of Danny’s meat! Javier sucks Danny’s long shaft as Danny watches him work from above, and when Danny gives Javier oral in return it’s Javier’s turn to sit back and watch as Danny makes Javier’s cock grow! A little bit of fingering never hurts to get in the mood either, and Danny sticks his finger deep up Javier’s ass to give him a taste of what’s to come, then rims that tight hole to get him relaxed for Danny’s big dick. When Javier’s ready to take that cock he gets on all fours and Danny fucks him from behind, Javier’s juicy ass bouncing with each of Danny’s deep thrusts. When Javier’s on his back with his legs spread and his ass wide open to receive Danny’s cock, they fuck hard then flip and it’s Danny bottoming for Javier while Danny jerks his on dick until he busts a nut. Javier pulls out and drains his prick onto Danny’s tattooed abs!
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