Daren Hecker and Lucky Taylor

Channel: Bad Puppy
2019-01-10 05:30:02
As we fade in on our hot young studs, Daren Hecker has Lucky Taylor lip locked and cramming his tongue down Lucky’s throat. The excitement builds as these two rip each other’s clothes off and Daren can’t wait to drop to his knees. He starts servicing Lucky’s cock with the enthusiasm of sucking a hot dick for the very first time. These two literally go all out on each other’s cocks. Lucky spins Daren around on the sofa, bends him over and starts stimulating his young, tight hole with first; his tongue, and then, with his fingers. When he’s finally ready to give it up, Daren bends over and Lucky slowly shoves his thick, long cock all the way in. Lucky gets into fucking Daren’s hole from behind and then Daren goes for a little ride when he sits Lucky down on the sofa and then impales himself on Lucky’s cock. Lucky pulls out of Daren’s ass and kneels down with his cock touching Daren’s. Daren grab’s both cocks and begins jerking. It’s not 60 seconds before Lucky’s cock is squirting cum all over Daren and the sofa. Daren jumps up to sit on top of Lucky, grabs his cock and with just a few short jerks he’s shooting streams of jizz up and onto his chest and stomach.
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