Dave, Rosta and Robin

2018-11-08 05:30:02
Dave Cargo has arrived for a Czech Up on his injured leg. Dr Robin Valej and nurse Rosta Benecky are on hand to adminster the examination. Dave explains that he still has pain in the leg, which Robin explains is normal after such a short time since the injury. He tells Dave to strip to his underwear, which he does. Then he sits in the examination chair. Robin then decides he needs to do a full exam and Dave takes off his underwear too. He sits back in the chair, resting his injured leg in the stirrup, his big, soft, cock nestling on his big balls. Robin starts to examin the belly and then he takes hold of the cock and wanks it as he also rubs the big balls. Rosta begins to rub Dave's chest too. As Robin wanks Dave's cock it begins to grow in his hand. Soon the big cock is nice and hard. Robin leans over and sucks on it for a few seconds, then he comes off and Rosta sucks it as well. He mouth wraps tight around the big head and he sucks it real well. As Rosta sucks Robin leans in and licks up the shaft and then takes over sucking. Dave's cock is rock hard from all the attention, with the balls tightening at the base of the shaft. Rosta licks Dave's sexy chest as Robin keeps sucking . Then as Robin examines the balls with his hand Rosta takes over sucking again. He then comes off the cock and kisses Robin. Robin holds the balls with one hand as the other begins to probe Dave's hole with a finger. The finger slips into the tight hole as Rosta sucks again. Robin takes a proctoscope and pushes in into Dave's ass removing the centre to show the open hole. The scope is removed and Robin's finger starts to fuck the tight hole again. As Rosta keeps sucking on Dave's massive cock Robin kisses his patient.
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